Greek Lifesaving Sports Association by Sthatis Avramidis

Greek Lifesaving Sports Association:

It was founded to develop the sport that saves lives

Saronikos 4.2.2020.
The Greek Lifesaving Sports Association was founded with two aims; water safety and lifesaving sport.

Learning should be fun, lifelong and for all. Especially when it is about the preservation of public health from injuries. Lifesaving sport is the only sport that teaches you how to save a life in and out of the water. In a naval nations such as Greece, such knowledge is necessary. For lifeguard training there are lifeguard agencies. For swimming teaching, there are swimming clubs. Greece was lucking a body that would prepare civilians in how to cope emergency situations through participation in sport. GLSA was founded to fill in this gap.

“A group of visionary individuals felt obliged to serve Greece by founding GLSA. In its short timeline of history, lifesaving sport had several shining moments that made participants loved it and a few dark moments that placed it in comma. We felt responsible for the sport’s resurrection”, said Dr. Stathis Avramidis, GLSA President, “father” of Greek lifesaving sport and Academic Fellow of Applied Lifeguarding and Lifesaving Sport in the University of Athens.

GLSA is composed by prestigious scientists (academics, scientists), numerous volunteers, honorary members (world recognized authorities), supporters (Olympic and world winners). To achieve its two aims, GLSA will collaborate with numerous international water safety, swimming and lifesaving sport organizations.

Shortly there will be announced lectures, seminars and exciting lifesaving sport competitions. Members may participate in them. Membership is open to anyone regardless of nationality, gender, age or affiliation. Members can be any club or individual that agrees with our aims and objectives for advancing water safety and lifesaving sport. For more information, click here. Membership will be at no cost and get a free Membership Certificate until February 25, 2020 here.

Dr David Szpilman

Dr David Szpilman

Dr David Szpilman - Sócio Fundador, Ex-Presidente, Ex-Diretor Médico e atual Secretário-Geral da SOBRASA; Ten Cel Médico RR do CBMERJ; Médico do Município do Rio de Janeiro; Membro do Conselho Médico e Prevenção da International Lifesaving Federation - ILS; Membro da Câmara Técnica de Medicina Desportiva do CREMERJ.